Tuesday, November 10, 2009

new fold + new design in art town

Item code : WC 01
Colour : cobalt blue
Measurement : 12.5cm x 13cm
Price : RM7.90
Status : Available

looks like an ordinary card? (front)

you can write your message here.

slightly pulling both left and right and pay attention to the top part...

saw that little cake on top?

looks like a pop-up card? but not quite... it's wiper card. like a wiper... ^^

side view


~dolph~ said...

super nice!!!!I like it....haha....but have to clear my stuffs first before i can order other cards..:D

Well DOne!!

The Art Town said...

haha.. thanks...
last time ones used already?

~dolph~ said...

welcome..=) Yea, used up 2 already...one more left...=)

The Art Town said...

wah~ so fast... which two? they like them? hehe

- y u n z - said...

OMG. Another amazing design! :D I want to place my order now! XD HAHAHAH. Gosh.

Great job. :)

The Art Town said...

thanks yunz~

you want to order this card or this type of folding? :)

~dolph~ said...

i just left the magic card din give away....too nice dy...tak sampai hati want to actually give it away to others..*_^

The Art Town said...

i see... but if you keep it to yourself oso xleh bt pape kan?

~dolph~ said...

haha..yeala....but din think of any special person to give it away..=)

The Art Town said...

need special person pula =.=|||

just bday gal / boy can d la~ haha


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