Thursday, September 24, 2009

special order wedding card + booklet

colourful papers were selected for the pages inside the booklet.


the designing work for the pages...


now, for the cover.

100% handmade special design wedding suit and dress.
simple but the whole idea was brought up.


everything combine for the booklet.


the final product.

status: SOLD


nazikku ' ain said...

jasmine,i mau tempah card design yg wedding ni..blh kn u bt dlm bentuk card..i xmau yg kertas dlm i nk bentuk bju kawen 2..sweetla..blh ye..i xkisah dpt b4 graduate la..heheh..tq..

Anonymous said...

u mau kad tu tutup buka cam pintu ke nk libat pada sebelah je?

Anonymous said...

**lipat~ hihi


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